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State of the Workforce

"Most employees (77%) aren't engaged, accounting for $8.9 trillion in lost productivity worldwide."

That's the astonishing assessment in Gallup's latest insights into the global workplace:

Their 2024 'State of the Global Workplace' Report paints an even grimmer picture for the UK which ranks only 33rd in Europe with an abysmal engagement score of just 10% (unchanged from the previous year)!

Here are some quotes from the 2024 report (page 3) which show what the different levels of engagement look like:

  • Highly engaged - "I really enjoy my job. I think I work with really, really fantastic people, and the work that we do is really, really meaningful.”

  • Not engaged - "I am getting a salary from this work. So, I have to do it, but there is a bit of boredom in doing the same work every day.”

  • Actively disengaged - "I could push it, but I’m so frustrated with the way things are going that day that I’m like, ‘You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna do nothing.’”

This really is a 'no-brainer': the business and life benefits of high levels of engagement are well known and well quantified (see the MacLeod Report, for example), and I have yet to meet any businessman or businesswoman who would disagree with its importance.

What does it take to boost engagement? Well there are several factors, but the primary one is good leadership and management. Gallup's insights, quoted above, reveal that "engagement is driven more by having great managers at the business-unit level than by macroeconomic factors such as countries’ labour policies and the vibrancy of their job markets."

How would your business score on the engagement index? How would you score on leadership and management skills?

Whilst the above figures are depressing news for the UK, they do highlight an amazing opportunity: businesses that take engagement seriously will enjoy not just a short-term boost, but a source of long-lasting competitive advantage.

As so few business

score highly, if you will invest the time, money and effort to do so, the rewards are almost limitless - for you, your business and your employees (re-read the quotes above).

Aspire MCL has a proven track record of success in developing inspiring leaders, high-performing teams and healthy organisations. Take a look at our testimonials page and get in touch today - help us to empower you to realise your potential, and to enjoy doing so!

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