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Founder and Principal Consultant


Aspire MCL empowers leaders, teams and businesses to thrive in an ever more demanding and changing world. We use coaching, mentoring, training and psychometric/behavioural profiles to help you build a sustainable source of competitive advantage, and to enjoy doing so! Learn more

With a track record of success in a wide range of sectors and organisations, Aspire MCL can draw on a rich associate pool, professional tools, and in-depth knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

Our focus is very much on practical application to help you realise opportunities and address challenges: make more sales, reduce unhealthy conflict, manage important stakeholders, align and motivate your teams and organisation, achieve clarity of purpose, drive change programmes, etc. 

Mission Statement: "We unleash potential to develop great leaders, empower high-performance teams and boost organisational health in ambitious businesses."

The Company was formed in 2012 by Ian Kirkby, a former RAF senior officer, who has over 15 years' experience of coaching, mentoring and training executives and their teams.


A member of the Institute of Directors and holder of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management, he also has extensive experience of organisational health analysis and development.

Outside of work, Ian enjoys keeping fit, playing golf (badly!), reading and local church activities.

For more information and recommendations, view his LinkedIn Profile here:

What Does Aspire MCL Do?

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