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Are you Sceptical About Psychometrics? By Ian Kirkby

I have to confess that I was.

I used to think that just treating people with respect and rewarding/motivating them to get the job done would be enough. But whilst doing such things is important, much more can be achieved when we understand both our own and others' motivations, preferred behaviours, reactions to conflict, desired type of work, etc.

If we are serious about boosting engagement (and realising the numerous associated business benefits), a 'one size fits all' approach will not work. One of the key traits of effective leaders is the ability to flex one's style according to the needs of the task, team, individual and situation.

It was when I did my own SDI assessment many years ago that I started to see how

these tools can help build leaders and teams. My report gave me clarity and granularity to better understand myself and, when I saw my fellow team member's report, I was able to understand why he and I were often at loggerheads. By simply changing my terminology and approach (without compromising the task accomplishment), we were able to work much better together and even to enjoy doing so. In fact, we became friends!

Whilst they are not a 'silver bullet' solution to every problem or opportunity, psychometric and behavioural analysis tools massively increase our chances of developing healthy working relationships.

From being a sceptic, I am, now a certified facilitator in SDI2.0, DiSC, The 5 Behaviours and Belbin Team Roles. I also use Individual Team Player and The 6 Types of Working Genius.

I can honestly say that using these tools has massively helped numerous clients at all levels in diverse sectors to improve business results (and to be much less stressed whilst doing so). Have a look at the 'testimonials' tab on this website to see the evidence.

I am attaching a sample SDI 2.0 report to illustrate the practical information that can be gleaned and how it can be used to boost leadership and team performance. This is the shorter version: each candidate also gets access to an online portal with a more comprehensive report, application tips and tailored videos to help make the most of the newly acquired insights.

Short (<5 min) videos with overviews of some of the tools can be seen on the 'tools' tab.

If you would like to know how any of these resources can help you or your business achieve your potential, call me on 020 3904 7501 or email

SDI 2 - Short Sample-assessment_result_report-victoria-patel
Download PDF • 2.77MB

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