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What is THE Most Important Element of a Leadership Development Programme?

That's the question we asked some visitors to our stand at this week's business expo in Doncaster.

Here are the results:

'Understanding and motivating people' was the clear winner. SDI 2.0 is a great tool for doing just this. It also helps with 'Improving self-awareness and self-confidence' (second most popular answer) as it reveals individuals' motivations, reactions to stress/conflict, preferred behaviours at work and what it looks like when behaviours are overdone, e.g., 'confidence' is a strength, but if overdone it may look like arrogance.

When SDI 2.0 is used across a team, it also allows for the creation of a team picture and enables comparison with other individuals to immediately empower improved working relationships.

If you want to know how SDI 2.0 or any of our other tools can help you and your business thrive, please get in touch at or call +44 (0)20 3904 7501.

Aspire MCL: Helping you unleash your potential!

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