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The Latest Leadership Trends

Please see attached for a very helpful report by CoreStrengths which highlights the 4 key trends in leadership development discovered during their recent survey. The 4 key trends followed by successful leaders are:

1. Mastering multiple leadership communication styles

2. Reducing conflict in teams while fostering inclusion

3. Illuminating and eliminating unconscious bias

4. Building trusted networks across their organization and beyond

One of the keys to unlocking the benefits that flow from excelling in these areas is the effective application of RQ (Relationships Intelligence). RQ is best understood as practical knowledge about how we are likely to react in different situations, and how others may react differently to the same situations.

Note that 'reducing conflict and fostering inclusion' does not argue for false harmony and the tolerance of sub-standard behaviour. Rather, there is a pressing need for healthy debate over key issues and opportunities, and to ensure that all board/team members contribute to the discussions. RQ is a powerful enabler that helps effective leaders reduce personal conflict and build commitment from key stakeholders.

SDI2.0 is a simple but very powerful and practical tool that can be used to inform RQ. The short online assessment reveals preferred motivations and behaviours, reactions to conflict and how behaviours can look when they are overdone, e.g., too much trust can make one appear gullible or blind. A sample report is also attached. For more information, check out the short (3 1/2 min) video by clicking on the 'learn more' button via this link: Tools | Aspire Management Consultancy Ltd | England (

SDI2.0 assessments cost only £115 per person. When completed in teams of 9 or fewer, team reports and individual comparisons with other members can be generated for no additional cost (for more than 9 an additional package is required).

Get in touch today and start 2023 by realising the benefits of enhanced leadership and team working in your business!

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Leadership trends - CS - 2023
Download PDF • 4.94MB

SDI 2 - Sample - full-victoria-patel-sdi2-personalized-report-2020-07-30
Download PDF • 5.14MB

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