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The Effect of the Pandemic on Employee Engagement.

Engaged employees are those who are motivated at work and actively seek to promote their organisations' interests. The business benefits of engagement are, unsurprisingly, significant. The Government's MacLeod Report quantified some of them in terms of profitability, staff turnover, accident rates, etc.

This report by Gallup captures the effect of the pandemic on engagement in Europe:

Whilst Europeans coped relatively well in that they were less likely to say their lives were affected "a lot" by the pandemic - 36% in Western Europe and 37% in Eastern Europe, compared with the global average of 45%, the general levels of engagement have remained stubbornly low over the last 2 decades with <20% being actively engaged. In the US, engagement climbed from 26% in 2000 to 36% in 2020. The worldwide trend outside of Europe is also increasing (the Gallup site breaks down the global figures further).

In short, engagement translates into increased productivity and profit, to say nothing of the benefits to the wellbeing of employees. If Europe is to become more competitive in an increasingly global marketplace, it is vital that companies take steps to boost engagement by investing in leadership and organisational health (OH) development. OH cannot be mandated, and there are no shortcuts to developing the competitive advantage it offers (though there are quick wins as it is implemented). Here are the steps to building competency in this area:

  1. Develop inspiring leader-managers

  2. Build high-performance boards/teams

  3. Creat clarity (around mission, vision, values, strategic objectives and empowering principles)

  4. Repeatedly communicate clarity

  5. Embed clarity (recruit, promote and reward according to the behaviours OH necessitates)

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