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Starting well as a new CEO/Leader

This is a really helpful article by McKinsey on how to get off to a good start as a new CEO:

I particularly like the table on 'asking different questions'. It is worth comparing the 2 types of questions posed and thinking about which ones are most likely to be at the forefront of your mind. Doing so will tell you a lot about how you are approaching the role, the direction you should choose and where your areas for development are.

Incidentally, if you feel nervous about taking up such a high-profile role, then be encouraged to know that you are far from alone. This blog by Aspire MCL highlights the prevalence of impostor syndrome and gives tips on how to address it:

Finally, it can be lonely and hard at the top. An external coach/mentor can greatly improve your chances of success (and your enjoyment of the role!). get in touch for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

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