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Building Resilience in Times of Turmoil

Below is a short but very helpful article by the Belbin team on 3 approaches to work that researchers identified as being helpful to managers in times of volatility. In summary, they are:

- Organisational routines, which are also efficient when work is predictable. Many established work processes fall into this category.

- Simple rules, or heuristics, which are rules of thumb that can provide shortcuts, speed up processes and decision-making, and prioritise the use of resources. (Phone triage of patients resulting from the pandemic-induced changes to work is a good example).

- Improvisation, i.e. spontaneous, creative efforts to solve problems that crop up at very short notice.

Belbin Team Roles provides a way to identify which roles are best suited to the various challenges and opportunities that characterise the modern business environment. Since we all have different preferred roles, understanding role distribution across a team can help build and sustain a lasting competitive advantage.

Our principal consultant, Ian Kirkby, is a certified Belbin facilitator. Call him on +44(0)1522 700465 or email him at to learn more and take the first step to building an awesome team!

Here's the article:

Download • 1.33MB

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