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The Number 1 Quality of Great Managers

It is well known that working practices have changed rapidly and will continue to do so. In an age of flexibility, cross-departmental/-national team-working and increased autonomy, managers have had to expand their skills from resource planning and allocation to include much more in the way of leadership. Specifically, the ability to motivate their teams to achieve more with less is what marks out great managers, and a key element to doing this is by coaching.

This may sound 'touchy-feely' to some, but I can assure you it is not. Done properly, it is a hard but very rewarding activity that helps the coachee achieve his/her goals in line with business requirements. Unfortunately, many managers either continue to use the 'carrot and stick' method to motivate, or think they are just naturally good at dealing with people and can therefore just have a chat to make things right. They're usually wrong!

Coaching is a skill that needs to be learnt and practiced. just having a basic framework to guide the sessions is a big step in the right direction (I use the ToGROW guide as it is simple and practical).

Gallup produced some interesting figures which support the above claim, and their summary can be found here:

If you want a free outline of the ToGROW framework that includes some good questions to ask, just email Aspire at

Don't worry - WE PROMISE not to spam you and will only use your address once to send the guide and contact details if you would like coaching or mentoring, or help to develop these skills.


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