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The Importance of Organisational Culture (and a couple of key dates for your diaries!)

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" as Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying. It is in fact debatable whether or not he actually used those words, but the sentiment is certainly true. Put simply, in any kind of organisation, culture is 'the way things are done around here'. If the way things are done, informally as well as formally, is at odds with desired strategic behaviours, it is highly unlikely that the organisation will enjoy success.

Every organisation has a culture, the question is whether or not it is the one that is desired and that will help the organisation succeed.

If you have not already done so, why not do a culture audit? There are some useful tools that can help, e.g., the Johnson and Scholes Cultural Web ( In the short term, a quick analysis can be done by asking the questions in this Gallup article on how to harness the power of culture: Note the importance of having a defined culture to ensure common interpretation of the vision.

Aligning mission, vision, values, strategy and culture is a powerful way of building a dynamic and resilient business and it offers a significant and sustainable competitive advantage because so few do it with intent. As with so many things, effective leadership is key to success because it provides the articulation and communication of a desired vision in an engaging manner.

Dates for the Diary:

Our principal consultant, Ian Kirkby, will be delivering a short online presentation on 'Leading for Effect' for Enterprise Nation (EN) on 7th October 2021 between 1200-1230. Here is the link to register (these events are normally only available to members, but EN may allow you to attend as a guest if you ask): Lunch and Learn: How to lead for effect | Enterprise Nation

Ian will also be delivering an in-person workshop in Nottingham on 11th November 2021. This will be a day-long event that will equip current and aspiring leaders with the knowledge needed to excel in middle and senior roles. More details to follow but spaces will be limited. To register your interest please email us at

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