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Psst! Want to know why you just can't seem to get on with THAT person at work?

...or why your board or team has to avoid sensitive issues for fear of triggering destructive conflict?

A common reason is that we do not appreciate our differences and so do not tailor our language and behaviour appropriately. We all have different motivations, different preferred behaviours at work and different causes of, and reactions to, stress and conflict.

The more we know about ourselves and others, the more effectively we can build relationships intelligence (RQ) to influence each other positively and achieve more.

SDI2.0 is the premier online RQ assessment tool that can help YOU to lead more effectively and to contribute ever more productively in teams. The assessment is short and simple but yields profound and practical results that you can employ immediately. The report includes a tailored video to help you make the most of your findings (a sample paper/digital report is attached below). There are lots of ways to apply the knowledge gleaned and it is easy to remember how to do so for continuous effect.

When you have completed the assessment, the results are yours to keep and you can choose to share them with future employers or teams so their knowledge of you will be instantly improved.

The assessments normally cost £120 p/p and the provider will be raising prices soon. However, as a certified facilitator, we can source a limited number for only £65 p/p on a first-come, first-served basis.

To take advantage of this offer, get in touch now by calling 01522 700465 or emailing

For those who want to super-charge their RQ learning, Aspire MCL offers coaching and training to quickly realise even more benefits. Prices are available on request.

Aspire MCL - Unleashing YOUR potential

SDI 2 - Sample - full-victoria-patel-sdi2-personalized-report-2020-07-30
Download PDF • 5.14MB

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