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Online DiSC Assessment and 1-2-1 Coaching Session for only £350*!

DiSC offers a suite of personal development learning experiences that deepen understanding of motivations and behaviours. The personalized insights the assessment produces are great for making workplace interactions at all levels more effective and enjoyable. The result is more engagement and collaboration that sparks a sustainable cultural improvement in your organization.

DiSC has 5 distinct applications with assessments tailored to provide rich insights in specific areas. These are:

· Workplace – to build more effective relationships across your organization.

· Management – to help mangers engage, motivate and develop their staff.

· Work of Leaders – to create impactful leaders through the process of vision, alignment and execution.

· Productive Conflict – to transform destructive behaviour into productive responses.

· Sales – to adapt to customers’ preferences and expectations.

Your facilitator and coach will be Ian Kirkby. Ian has extensive experience of developing leaders and teams at all levels in diverse cultures and sectors. His LinkedIn Profile with testimonials can be found here:

Who is this for? Quite simply, those who want to improve their effectiveness and to enjoy their working lives more. However, this tool is particularly useful for those in leadership and management positions, or those with ambitions to reach senior levels. It is also very helpful for teams when they do the assessment together.

What results can I expect? The personalized insights gained from the assessment and coaching will help develop leadership competencies, promote healthy team dynamics, boost engagement, manage conflict, develop key staff, influence stakeholders, and more besides.

Leaders – DiSC offers a further option called ‘DiSC 363 for Leaders’. It offers a dynamic 360-degree feedback assessment which yields valuable insights for even more focussed development and team building. The cost for this assessment plus a coaching session is £450*

For more information, or to take advantage of this limited time offer, call Ian on 01522 700465 or email him at

*All prices exclude VAT

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