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Leading Remote Teams

Although a return to the office later this year is looking likely, many businesses have stated that they will allow teams to keep working from home. Still others will adopt a hybrid approach where a team is split between those present in the office and those connecting remotely.

This LinkedIn article gives some useful tips on leading remote teams:

The importance of good communications and a more emotionally intelligent approach to working with others cannot be overstated. Too many leaders still adopt a 'carrot and stick' or a 'one size fits all' leadership style. Others are too passive and allow events to unfold around them without seizing the initiative. In normal circumstances, this approach is at best detrimental; in a remotely connected world, it is a sure recipe for disaster.

A better understanding of yourself and others, and of some basic tools that can be quickly applied to build high-performance teams, is essential in today's business environment.

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