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Leading for Effect

The business benefits from having positively engaged staff are irrefutable and well documented (see, for example, the MacLeod report into engagement in British organisations): fewer sick days, lower staff turnover, greater innovation, more resilience, keen advocacy, etc.

This excellent article by HBR identifies factors that facilitate effectiveness during times of uncertainty and anxiety:

The list includes a combination of personal, interpersonal/relational, and organisational aspects that leaders can directly impact to boost engagement and hence performance, and notes that "without support from supervisors and the organization, even the most committed, motivated employees might not be able to fully use their potential." The article goes on to highlight the need for leaders to provide clarity and demonstrate emotional intelligence.

Understanding that people have different motivations, strengths and reactions to conflict is essential if leaders are to employ the most effective leadership style in a given

situation. It is here that psychometrics can help: SDI2.0 captures this information and enables leaders and teams to apply 'relationships intelligence' (RQ) to boost influence and engagement. Put simply, once we understand how people think, feel and act, we can modify our language and approach to enhance engagement and reap the associated benefits. A short (31/2 min) video overview can be seen here: Using SDI 2.0 to Build Leaders and Teams (

SDI2.0 is a preferred tool because it is simple, memorable and powerful. The online assessment only takes around 20 mins and teams of 9 or less can make use of a free online platform that enables them to directly compare individual results (great for coaching!) and examine the overall team picture to identify gaps and overlaps. For teams with >9 corporate packages are available.

Individual assessments normally cost c.£125, but Aspire has a limited number available for only £60.

Get in touch at or call us on 020 3904 7501 and take the first step to unleashing your potential and leading for effect!

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