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Leading Change in a Disruptive World

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed a break over the holidays?

Here is an excellent, short article by HBR to help get you back into a working mindset:

Change is clearly here to stay, so learning how to lead and manage disruptive events is an essential competence to build for success. Note this interesting observation in the article: " Korn Ferry research indicates that these non-financial rewards (e.g., meaningful work, career development, training, recognition) are more instrumental in talent engagement and retention than base pay and variable pay programs." Many other studies have also shown this. It is not that financial rewards and the like are unimportant, it is that, beyond a certain level, they are 'satisfiers' rather than 'drivers' for engagement and performance.

Are you providing the leadership your teams need to build organisational resilience and agility in times of change? Aspire MCL can help you to do so. Get in touch today and take the first step to unleashing your potential.

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