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Hybrid Working Strategy

Many companies are evaluating their options regarding working from home. The most common solution emerging is for hybrid working: spending, say, 2 days a week in the office and the rest remotely. This article by HBR highlights the 3 key areas to consider when formulating your strategy, namely productivity, staff and culture:

Whatever your thoughts on the best way ahead for your organisation, good leadership and team building will be essential for success. Your staff will likely have different opinions on the merits and costs of any new working arrangements, so you will need to give careful thought as to how much flexibility (if any) you will allow.

You can boost your chances of successfully applying your solution by remembering the importance of clarity (make a clear, unambiguous decision), communication (repeatedly communicate what is happening and why) and accountability (once the decision has been made and announced, hold everyone to account for implementation).

Note: some define a hybrid team as one which has both in-office and remote staff with few if any opportunities to meet physically. Clarity, communication and accountability remain key success factors.

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