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Does Coaching Really Make a Difference?

Yes! As long ago as 2009, around 90% of organisations were using coaching and the trend continues upwards ( The most common uses include leadership development (23%), enhancing good performance (23%) and improving poor performance (20%).

But does it really deliver? According to a study by The Association Resources Centre and PWC (Starr, J. The Coaching Manual, Pearson Education Ltd., Harlow, 2011, p.7), coachees reported the following improvements:

- Self-esteem/-confidence 80%

- Communication skills 72%

- Interpersonal skills 71%

- Overall work performance 70%

- Relationships 73%

- Work/life balance 63%

What difference would improvements like these make to you and your business? Given the high and increasing popularity of this way of boosting individual and team performance, can you afford not to try it out? Remember that many of your competitors are highly likely to be doing so!

Coaching is an incredibly powerful development tool. However, like all tools, it must be used properly to achieve the desired outcomes. Aspire's principal consultant, Ian Kirkby, is a certified NLP Coach with many years of experience in diverse sectors and cultures.

If you want to learn more, contact Ian today to arrange for a no-obligation discussion about what a coaching programme could look like for you or your board/team.

Tel: 020 3904 7501

Ian Kirkby, Aspire MCL Principal Consultant

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