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Can you Really Trust Your Remote Teams?

Hybrid or remote working is here to stay for many organisations, but can you really trust your staff to apply themselves just as much at home as you think they would in the office? Studies show that remote workers tend to be more productive, but would that be true for your teams?

Here is a really helpful study by Gallup that will help you to work through this issue in a logical manner:

Note that the critical success factor is the manager/leader!

Those who have engaged with Aspire MCL previously will know the value of trust as the foundation for effective boards and teams. However, this goes beyond just 'predictive trust' (he/she can be trusted to complete the task on time) to include 'vulnerability-based trust' (willingness to be open, admit mistakes, be open to constructive challenges, etc.). This competence has to be modelled and built by the leader.

Tip: If you lead a remote or hybrid team, if feasible, arrange for in-person meetings periodically. This helps to deepen relationships and surface hitherto unknown issues and opportunities.

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