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Boosting Board and Team Dynamics

Good article from Core Strengths about managing conflict in the workplace:

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of fostering a culture of healthy and open debate when making a decision, but it remains elusive for many organisations. Often, time-pressed executives will push the 'discussion' to their pre-selected answer. Even when there is a genuine desire for more input, just asking for challenges frequently falls flat. Part of the solution lies in the need to build an open trust between board/team members. SDI 2.0 is an excellent tool for helping them to understand both their own approach to conflict and how others see it. That knowledge can then be used to build a constructive atmosphere in which there is healthy conflict about the issues rather than unhealthy conflict between personalities.

Aspire MCL offers full SDI 2.0 assessments and we still have some available at the reduced price of £65p/p.

Get in touch today and take this important step to building a high-performance board or team.

Email: Tel: +44(0)20 3904 7501

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