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Are you Ready for the Next Big Crisis?

If there is one skill that leaders and businesses are going to need in ever-increasing measure, it is adaptability. This excellent article by McKinsey gives practical guidance on how to do build 'adaptability muscle':

As the authors note, though, "Just when leaders need fresh thinking and decisiveness, they tend to fall back on tried-and-true ways." This is not a new phenomenon: Kotter identified this tendency as one of the 8 main reasons why so many change initiatives fail. However, with the correct training and attitude, you can be prepared to meet the next big change with the flexibility and efficiency to not only survive but to make the most of the new opportunities that will arise.

A practical and positive mindset is essential, but on its own, it is not enough. Leaders and managers need to be able to draw on the tools that will enable them to provide the clarity, direction and inspiration staff will need in times of change and crisis. The judicious use of psychometrics such as SDI2.0 to help build effective relationships, and models such as The 5 Behaviours to guide team formation and development, are very helpful here. As well as uncovering actionable information, they provide granularity and a common language to help leaders and teams collaborate better and achieve superior performance.

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