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Looking for Christmas Presents with a Difference?

It's December already! That means it's okay to start thinking about Christmas.

Are you struggling to think of ideas for business or personal gifts? How about something that is different, thoughtful, useful in all relationships and can be used again and again? It can also be given to individuals, families or teams.

An online SDI2.0 assessment only takes about 20 minutes to complete, and it will help the recipient to better understand his/her motivations, preferred behaviours, reaction to conflict and stress, and what behaviours he/she may overdo.

Aspire MCL is offering the assessments for only £110 p/p (plus VAT - just in case you are thinking of a personal gift).

Want more? Why not combine the assessment with an hour-long coaching session to fast-track the learning process?

The combined cost is only £500.

Want EVEN more? How about Aspire MCL's 3-month coaching package from only £1,500? More details here:

Get in touch to ask for a sample report or to place your order now.

Email or call on 01522 700465

PS. Once the assessment is done, the data is yours to keep for life. The report also comes with tailored online learning, including videos, that will expedite your journey to more productive relationships!

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