Is Coaching and Mentoring Worth the Cost?

Coaching is one of the 'in things' at present, but does it actually work?

In short, Yes! There are numerous well-documented studies which prove that coaching and mentoring, when done properly, significantly increase personal and organizational performance. Louisa Zhou quotes several such studies, including a 2020 survey of >22,000 coachees by the ICF, and notes the following:

  • 96% of individuals and companies who hired a coach said they would repeat the process.

  • 86% of companies that calculated their return on investment at least made back their initial investment or experienced a positive return with a median ROI of 700%.

  • A survey of 100 executives showed that the average ROI of executive coaching was almost 6x the investment.

  • 75% said that the value of executive and leadership coaching is “considerably greater” or “far greater” than the money and time invested.

  • 80% of coachees reported increased self-confidence (in addition to other benefits experienced by themselves and others).

  • 92% of small business owners agreed that mentors had a direct impact on their survival and growth.

  • 62% of employees in organizations with a strong coaching culture rate themselves as highly engaged (other studies typically show an average of 10-20% levels of high engagement across all organizations).

You can see more facts and figures here:

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