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Hybrid Working is Here to Stay - Are YOU Ready?

This is an excellent article by HBR that will help leaders and managers get the most out of hybrid working arrangements:

As is so often the case, organisational leaders have to take responsibility for ensuring the following:

  • Clarity - What are you going to allow? How will it work? What is expected of staff? Etc.

  • Communication - Having decided on the best course of action, it needs to be clearly and regularly repeated across the organisation (be open to feedback that will allow you to improve arrangements). Virtual communication procedures also need to be agreed, e.g., only call between specified hours if absolutely necessary, frequency of meetings, etc.

  • Accountability - Ensure that you are fulfilling your responsibilities and hold others to account for doing the same.

The HBR article also highlights the strength of feeling across the workforce on this issue (73% of respondents desire remote work options). So, if you want to attract top talent, finding the right balance between physical and remote working practices could be crucial.

Time spent listening and coaching to discover both individual and team issues and opportunities will be rarely wasted. Whilst there are risks, e.g., it is more difficult to pick up 'incidental' knowledge, hybrid working offers some great opportunities - but only if done properly. Need help to reach your leadership and team working potential? Get in touch today and let Aspire help you achieve your goals.

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