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Afraid of Public Speaking?

Here are 6 tips to help you calm those nerves and deliver a great presentation:

1. Be prepared. Sounds obvious but it's not always done. As well as being familiar with the script/points, try to do a run-through at the venue.

2. Address your specific fear. Make a list, think about mitigating actions and keep everything in perspective (it's not usually a matter of life-and death!). When delivering a major after-dinner speech to VIPs, I found it helpful to view the event as a golden opportunity: it's not often that I would have the undivided attention of so many key people.

3. Be human. Using a personal or engaging illustration, where appropriate, can help you connect with the audience.

4. Focus. Some of us are tempted to 'zone out'. Awareness is the first step and when you think you are in danger of doing so, consciously take positive control of your mind. Some may find it helpful to take a moment for a sip of water to recollect their thoughts.

5. Be generous. Compliment others, the hosting company, etc. This helps the audience warm to you.

6. Remember that a degree of tension is not a bad thing: it shows that you care and it can help sharpen the mind.

I hope the above tips help you to stop that helpful tension becoming an unhelpful fear.

Let me know if I can help you more.

Ian K

PS. You can read more about these tips here:

Public Speaking Tips

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