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Effective Leadership - Tip 8 - Learn Continuously

It is always the case that we can learn more about leadership through our own experiences, training (including coaching and mentoring) and case studies (HBR offers an excellent source). The more tools and knowledge we have, the better equipped we are to achieve our goals by meeting challenges and opportunities in innovative ways. In addition, a willingness to learn shows humility (a quality highly valued by effective teams as noted in our last top tip) and keeps us sharp and fresh in a variety of areas as our minds are exercised.

If you are not sure which areas you need to develop, why not try a confidential 360 assessment? I meet many senior leaders who think they are providing good leadership but have never asked their teams or peers for their observations. Getting leadership right is good for the individual, good for their teams and good for business!

Call Aspire on 020 3904 7501 to grow your skills in this area.

Leadership Development - Learn Continuously

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