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Effective Leadership - Tip 9 - Make Time for your People.

Despite the costs in money, time, stress and effort, too many firms still rely on 'stick and carrot' (put in that order intentionally) motivational methods rather than sound leadership. Interactions between leaders and their teams are usually formal and brief. However, making time for your people when they need you will not only save your time in the longer run, it will foster many other positive spin-offs. Most people leave firms not for more money, but to get away from their manager! This article shows the extent of the problem:

Many leaders and firms believe they are somehow immune from this; that things are different with them and their firm and, after all, it's 'just business'. However, it is more than coincidence that most of the successful firms where people want to work and where they are enthusiastically committed put a high premium on their staff and provide good leadership.

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Effective Leadership - Make time for your People

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