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September 4, 2019

Our early career paths as young and fresh leaders are often marked by energy, speed and determination. We rise to meet new challenges with gusto and welcome the imposition of more responsibility. However, there comes a point, perhaps due to age-related limitations to our ability to just keep doing more, or to the...

August 7, 2019

A new slideshow on coaching and mentoring is now available in our Secret Facebook Group for subscribers. If you would like access, please get in touch with me at

July 30, 2019

 The benefits of employee engagement are well quantified and well known. They include higher morale, greater agility, lower staff turnover, better customer service and higher profitability (see the MacLeod Report for a full listing). However, Gallup's 2018 survey showed that only 11% of British workers are engage...

June 17, 2019

 For subscribers to Aspire's Secret FB Group, I have just uploaded a presentation on Organizational Health (OH): What it is, why it matters so much and how to develop it.

 Next month's resource will be on coaching.

 Seen this message and want access? Please contact Ian on 020 3904 7501, or email him at: iank@aspire...

April 23, 2019


 This short study by the HBR shows the effect of allowing staff the opportunity to provide feedback. As well as reducing quit rates, it has also been found that those who are given a voice work better. Face-to-face with key and other staff is obviously best,  but even a short on...

April 2, 2019

 The business benefits of employee engagement are well known and include lower accident rates, fewer sick days, increased profits and lower staff turnover (saving not just money but time and stress as well!). The MacLeod Report, commissioned by the UK Govt, quantified some of these benefits.

 There is a clear link...